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Arbours - garden hideaways that create their own romance.

An Arbour is a delightful place to sit and take a few moments and why not enjoy a cool drink or a cuppa at the same time. You Arbour will already be 'set-up' always ready for you to grab a quiet time in the peace of your garden.

All of our Arbours are pressure treated so your Arbour doesn't need to be retreated or painted. But why not decorate your Arbour and make it unique? A full specification for each Arbour is detailed on each product page.


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  1. Mimosa Arbour 4x2

    Perfect for relaxing or finally getting round to getting into that book that you've been wanting to read for ages. Photo shows what a fully assembled Mimosa Arbour looks like when painted. Learn More
  2. Rose Arbour 4x2

    A beautiful building for all to enjoy. May that be by sitting and relaxing in the arbour or by admiring it from afar. Learn More
  3. Gazebo 7x6

    This open air Gazebo would be perfect for a seating area for those summer BBQ's. Then, afterwards relax and watch the sun go down in comfort. Learn More
  4. Forget-me-not Arbour 4x2

    Sit and relax in your garden in this gorgeous arbour. This image shows how you could make use of that secluded area in your garden and turn it in to a perfect garden getaway. Learn More
  5. Corner Arbour 4x4

    Ideal for a corner but would enhance any garden in any position. Lovely to look at or to sit, relax and enjoy your garden. Learn More
  6. Blossom Arbour 4x2

    Simple yet practical and with loads of style. A superior seat that's perfect for relaxing in the garden. Learn More
  7. Balsam Arbour 4x2

    A classic arbour that would compliment any garden. Learn More
  8. Arum Arbour 4x2

    Pour a glass of wine, grab yourself a good book as this is a perfect place to sit and relax. Make it your own little slice of heaven. Learn More
  9. Arbour 7x6

    A garden hide-away that creates its own romance. An attractive feature for any garden. There are so many potential uses for this building. It could be used as an ideal base for food and drink during a BBQ, or maybe a place to shelter from the rain, or even to just grab a break from sunning yourself. Learn More
  10. Gazebo Summerhouse 7x6

    Stylish hexagonal summerhouse with two opening windows. This summerhouse is guaranteed to enhance the appearance of your garden. Learn More
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