Installation Service

Our teams are experts at assembling all the buildings on our website. They will do a professional, ‘proper’ job. No worry, no fuss, no hassle.


Installations are carried out weekdays only, typically between the hours of 7.00am and 8.00pm. In unavoidable circumstances these times can be extended.


Prior to assembly of your building you should consider the following:


  • Your base must be firm, flat and level.
  • Ensure the base is sufficiently sturdy to be able to support the intended use and the weight of the building. We recommend only concrete bases for log cabins and larger buildings.
  • If you are purchasing an Adjustable Base the surface does not have to be level. You do need to check that the ground is sufficiently solid and not a steep slope.
  • Our installation teams may use a vehicle up to 17 tonne (nearly the size of a standard dustcart). They will need to be able to access the property with the vehicle.
  • The team may need to park their vehicle for up to a full day – please arrange for a permit in controlled areas.
  • The installation team will need to be able to move all around the building during assembly. There will need to be at least 2 ft or 600 mm clearance all around. You will also need this clearance for future ongoing maintenance.
  • There should be no overhead obstructions like low branches, power cables etc.
  • To avoid issues when our team arrive you will be asked to take a photo of your prepared site and forward it to our customer service team.
  • However, should the assembly team arrive and they consider the site chosen for your building is not suitable the team will ask you if you would like them to continue, and if you want them to, they will ask you to sign a disclaimer.
  • If the assembly team have to leave the site before completion for reasons beyond our control, including the reasons stated above then the assembly charge will not be refundable.
  • To preserve and extend the life of your building we recommend it is treated immediately after installation with an appropriate preservative and that this is repeated annually, or more frequently if the instructions on your chosen preservative state.
  • Please also read our Terms and Conditions.