Our Buildings

If you decide to build your building yourself you will need a helper. Depending on the size of the building and your own experience will dictate how long it will take. As a rough guide, a small shed should take around half a day whereas a log cabin with felt tiles may take 2 days.

You will need various tools – as a minimum; a hammer, screwdriver (powered is best), drill and bits, sharp knife, saw, tape measure, step ladder, spirit level; and to protect yourself a pair of non-slip gloves and a some work boots, preferably with steel toecaps and steel sole. If you decide to employ a builder, shop around, prices can vary enormously.

Alternatively, Shire offers an assembly service. Delivery and assembly will take place at the same time.

Log Cabins

Log Cabins are constructed without framework. Each board interlocks with the next and above boards. Shire offers 5 different thicknesses of boarding 19mm, 28mm, 34mm, 44mm and 70mm (not all sizes for all buildings).

The finished effect is study, strong, warm and inviting. They finish beautifully any garden. Shire offer many different sizes and styles and can produce any size or layout of door, windows, partitions to suit individual requirements.


There are British and European standards that apply to playhouses. Since July 2011, all toys sold in the European Union must comply with the European Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC, enacted in the UK as the Toys (Safety) Regulations 2011.

The British Standard BS EN 71, which comes in many parts, explains how manufacturers should meet the requirements of the Directive, stating how toys should be manufactured and tested and the safety warnings they must carry.

Shire playhouses have been tested to the relevant standard since the 1980’s.