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One of our Pethouses will satisfy the requirements of that special 'friend' who requires purpose built accommodation, some or all of the time.

All items in our Pethouses range are made from slow-grown solid Pine unless otherwise stated. The cladding is Pine tongue and groove and the framework is 35x35 mm (1¼x1¼”). Some parts may be produced from Oriented Strand Board (OSB) which is a hard-wearing, wooden alternative to Pine. All Pine timber parts on all of our Pethouses are supplied pre-treated.


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Normally the walls of all buildings will be manufactured using tongue and groove shiplap pattern boarding 12mm thick. Tongue and groove log pattern 19mm thick is another option you may wish to consider.


Walls are constructed using 34x34 mm (1¼x1¼”)


Eaves and ridge heights will vary depending on model.


All buildings are supplied pre-treated in a honey brown base coat preservative.