Log Cabins

We offer a Log Cabin for every possible purpose. Whether it be a party hot spot, a quiet hide-a-way, or a gym or an office. The interior of every Log Cabin has no wall framework and is warm and inviting, even on those cold winter days.

Only the best timber is used by Shire for production of our Log Cabins. Timber is imported from Sweden where trees are grown very slowly, resulting in the best material with less branches and therefore fewer knots. The timber for Log Cabins is milled at Shire’s mill in Wisbech. This means Shire are able to quality control timber from the start to the finished product.

Shire has invested huge sums of money to ensure the logs that form the walls of all Log Cabins are produced using the latest technology, and to a high level of accuracy as all logs are designed to interlock with the logs above and below.

Shire are one of the few manufacturers who operate solely out of the UK.

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