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Sheds & Workshops T&G

Whether you would like a Shed or Workshop to use as a Man Cave or a She Shed, Shire has a Shed or Workshop that will fit suit your purpose. Or if you can't see a Shed or Workshop that meets your specific requirements, why not design your own bespoke Shed or Workshop?

If you need extra space for garden tools and equipment a Shed is the ideal solution. If you want to work in your own private space Shire has many different standard options of Workshop to choose from. All Sheds and Workshops can be 'tweaked' to your suit your needs .

Tongue & Groove Sheds and Workshops are constructed with high quality whitewood timber.

The wall cladding of all Tongue and Groove Sheds and Workshops is either 12mm thick Shiplap profile tongue and groove or Loglap rounded profile that is 19mm at its thickest point. The framework depends on the building ordered 34x34mm 44x44mm or 44x70mm planed softwood. The same framework is used throughout the building. Most of the buildings have a tongue and grove roof and floor.

See individual buildings for exact specifications and a vast range of options to make the Shed or Workshop your own.

Sheds & Workshops T&G

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  1. Atlas Shed 9x6 10x6 10x8 10x10

    Where to put the lawn mower and do some DIY? The Atlas is the answer. Big enough for the lawn mower and still space available for larger projects to be undertaken. Photo shows 2990 x 1790 (10x6') with optional double doors. An optional shelf would save on precious floor space and allow your tools to be immediately to hand. Learn More
  2. Arran Shed 6x6

    Maximise your available space with this well proportioned building allowing ample space inside with easy access through the double doors. Learn More
  3. Barn Shed 7x7

    Why follow the crowd? Why not instead opt for something a little more individual whilst still retaining all the functionality of a 'normal' garden building. Learn More
  4. Bute Shed 6x4

    Superb access to well proportioned extra space - and who doesn't need extra space? Learn More
  5. Casita Shed 7x7

    Could be used as a shed or summerhouse. Need stylish extra space? Then look no further. Learn More
  6. Corner Shed 7x7 8x8

    An attractive, useful building ideally suited for a corner location. The double doors allow easy access to the furthest point. Turning an awkward corner into useful space. Learn More
  7. Durham Shed 8x6

    Give yourself space for even more of those 'must keep' items. Learn More
  8. Faroe Shed 6x6

    The 'square' proportions of this shed make the space very accessible and useable. Learn More
  9. Guernsey Shed 7x10

    Lots to store but also need to work or contemplate DIY projects? This building solves those problems perfectly. Learn More
  10. Jersey Shed 7x13

    Masses of essentials to store? Also need to work on or contemplate DIY projects? Problem solved. Learn More
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Items 1 to 10 of 30 total

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