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Shire Summerhouses are designed for use all year round. Why not have a Summerhouse as a hobby room, as an outdoor base to entertain friends, a room for the kids ... the possible uses for your Summerhouse as practically endless.

There is a Shire Summerhouse for every need and every budget. If there isn't a Summerhouse that ideally suits your purpose already, a Summerhouses can be specially designed or an existing design of Summerhouse amended in any way you require.

All Summerhouses are manufactured in Shire factories in the UK using only the best slow-grown timber.


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  1. Arreton Octagonal Summerhouse

    A truly unique and beautiful centre point for any garden. A private office or just a place to relax and wind down. The windows shown in the photo are available as optional extras, as are the window boxes. Learn More
  2. Buckingham Summerhouse 7x7

    Have a BBQ out in the sun during the day, then relax in the extra space and comfort that this summerhouse gives you at night. Learn More
  3. Haddon Summerhouse 7x5

    A stylish and compact summerhouse for stylish and compact gardens. Learn More
  4. Hampton Corner Summerhouse

    Probably everyone has a corner that looks a bit bare, so here is the ideal solution. A traditionally designed corner building perfect for enjoying a quiet moment or two. Learn More
  5. Houghton Summerhouse 7x7

    A delightfully compact summerhouse with a delightful verandah creating a perfect alfresco spot. Learn More
  6. Kensington Summerhouse 7x7 + Optional Verandah

    Enjoy your garden even more in this luxurious summerhouse. Sit back, appreciate your surroundings and enjoy! Learn More
  7. Lambeth Summerhouse 7x13 + Optional Verandah

    Even the largest family could enjoy this summerhouse all at the same time. Perhaps a semi outdoor eating area? Learn More
  8. Lumley Summerhouse 7x5

    A summerhouse that gives you a degree of privacy. Allowing you to enjoy your garden in peace. Learn More
  9. Westminster Summerhouse 7x10 + Optional Verandah

    Spacious, light and airy. The perfect spot to enjoy your garden Learn More
  10. Chatsworth Summerhouse 7x7 + Optional Verandah

    Stylish summerhouse for you to sit and relax whilst enjoying the garden. Whatever the weather, day or night, this summerhouse is perfect for all seasons. Learn More
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