Why Shire?

Why buy a Shire product?


There are many reasons to choose a product manufactured by Shire. We sell over 100,000 buildings every year. Of course we occasionally receive a bad review, who doesn’t? The difference is we care enough to solve the problem, quickly and permanently.




Quality is second to none. The timber used is slow grown in Scandinavia. We plane, machine and cut the timber ourselves and construct panels on site so are able to control quality from start to finish.


Production Standards


We have invested in the latest technology, band saws, planing machines, specialised joinery equipment, cross cuts, nailing machines …… All our buildings and parts are checked by a person at least twice prior to packing to ensure quality and consistency is maintained.




All of our finished stock is stored inside – we are the only manufacturer to do this. We protect your building for as long as we can and only take it out of its dry storage when loading for delivery.


Order Processing


We have invested in the market’s leading home delivery software. Texts and emails are sent automatically to you 4 hours after we receive the order. We will confirm your order and ask you to go on line to pick your own delivery day. Any order that doesn’t follow our expected plan is sent to an area for us to deal with. For instance, we will call anyone who hasn’t picked their delivery day within 3 or 4 days of us receiving the order.


Pick a day for delivery


We go to most postcodes at least twice a week, sometimes more. (Remote areas such as north Scotland may be less). You can go on line and pick the date that suits you best. If you need to you can change your mind and pick another day later on. Our system is flexible to suit you. The day before delivery we will send you a text giving a 4 hour time window for delivery.


Delivery Service


Deliveries are made using our own drivers and fleet of vehicles. Delivery information is sent to the driver’s mobile phone. Our customer care team can see where the driver is in the run and keep you informed. The driver will update the status of the delivery on delivery and so if there is anything amiss we will call you shortly following the delivery to find out what we can do to put it right.




We are constantly upgrading and replacing our IT systems and as a result operate one of the best home delivery systems available. The functionality of our home delivery software too is also constantly being updated by the manufacturer keeping it up-to-date with all technologies and the best in its field.